Master Wave Technology is a professional RF solution provider; our main products are RF antenna, RF connector, and cable assembly. Our first-class RD team and manufacturing capability will provide customers a total solution for products (OEM/ODM/JDM). Moreover, we provide the (OEM/ODM/JDM) integrated solutions of tooling design, manufacture, assembly, and package. It assists customers in making cost effective and response to market demand rapidly.

Business philosophy

  1. committed to providing the best solution for R&D and manufacturing
  2. committed to providing complete service, create better value for customers
  3. committed to improving quality continuously


A full range of telecommunications atenna problem solver!

Master Wave Technology has the first-class R&D team and production equipment, to provide customers integrated solutions. We hope to become a world-class telecommunications antenna plant on OEM/ODM/OBM.

Operating conditions

Driven by the rise of Smartphone communications networks, wireless network systems have become the necessities of life products. It will be limitless of wireless application market. The antenna is a key component of wireless communications, Master Wave development in RF application has been successively expanded and our products have passed CE, UL certification in turn. We have the key technologies to provide a complete ODM services in the world.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As one of global citizen, we concerned about environmental protection, employee safety, health, sanitation and sustainable development company. We support and comply with the United Nations human rights, labor standards and nine principles of environmental protection. In order to achieve that, we promote a variety of management practices and certification.

Restriction of Hazardous Substances,RoHS

All our products comply with RoHS material declaration and RoHS exclusion criteria. Including raw materials, additives used in the production process, and packaging materials.

Master Wave’s statement on Restricted Use of Conflict Minerals

It is receiving attention that minerals (gold, tin, tantalum, and tungsten) from the Democratic Republic of Congo and its adjacent area, because its mining and trading process caused armed conflict. Although we do not purchase these minerals directly, we inform our suppliers do not use conflict minerals statement.